Based in CRANN, a world-class nanotechnology institute, our fabrication facility includes a CLASS-100 Clean-room and the Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (AML) which houses a critical mass of high end scanning and imaging electron and ion beam microscopes for sample imaging down to atomic resolution, materials analytics/characterisation and nanofabrication.

Adama Innovations operates this technology on wafer-scale, producing hundreds of precisely controlled AFM probe tips consecutively that are subject to a rigorous quality control procedure to insure that the product adheres to the high standards that reflect the ethos of the company and our ambition to meet the demands of our customers.

Utilising the latest in advanced manufacturing capability, our innovative and unique technology is a simple and efficient method to create bespoke micro- and nanoscale shapes and profiles in diamond and other hard carbon based materials. The repeatability and accuracy of the technique allows for precision engineering in desired locations.


Our directors bring together expertise in materials science, high-tech fabrication, and business growth to deliver the highest quality product with a great customer experience.

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Hector- photo.jpg

Hector Cavazos (Chief Executive Officer)

An entrepreneur from Santa Barbara, California where his AFM career began at Digital Instruments in 1993. He has been a principal and founder of prior start-up companies in the the same field, focusing on micro-machining business and technology development, and helped take them public thru acquisition.

Prof Graham Cross.jpg

Graham Cross (Chief Science Officer)

A professor in the School of Physics at Trinity College Dublin, Graham is an expert in nano-mechanics, with particular focus on AFM, nano-indentation, and nano-Imprint. He received his PhD in physics from McGill University in Canada, and was previously a technologist at IBM Research in Zurich, Switzerland.

Neal- photo.jpeg

Neal O’Hara (Chief Technology Officer)

Neal has previously held senior engineering positions with equipment companies in the semiconductor and solar industries. He began his career working at Intel, and subsequently went on to hold senior engineering positions in several high-tech start-up companies.