Why Choose Adama?

Wafer Scale Production Using
State of the Art Fabrication Techniques

Based on Standard Silicon Cantilevers Compatible with All Models of AFM

Single Crystal Diamond Tips
For Ultimate Strength and Resolution

Ultimate Probe Lifetime at High Resolution with 10x Silicon Performance

Sharp Single Crystal Diamond Probes at Affordable Prices


Our Distributors

See what our customers are saying ...

"I have been very impressed with Adama Innovations diamond probes, especially in terms of stability. I have been able to image overnight without needing to change tips. For electrical applications they are a lot more reliable than the coated tips. Not having to change the tip because it is blunt makes a huge difference to productivity."

- Dr. Jonathan Moffat,
Applications Scientist,
Asylum Research.

"Adama Innovation probes work very well for Electrochemical strain microscopy (ESM) with good spatial resolution, a stable electromechanical signal and no observable tip degradation. Measurements could be performed easily with small AC voltages and amplitude down to 5 pm whist other tips we tried required higher voltages and still often had worse performance."

- Dr. Stephan Bradler, Formerly University of Marburg, Germany

"I have tested the probes in our system and obtained quite amazing results. In general, Adama's probes are well suited for our current-controlled SPL, which allows sub-40nm resolution and reliable performance with low wear even after 2-3 days (more than 30 lithography scans with one probe)."

- Dr.Peng Li,
Assistant Professor,
NCNST, Beijing, P.R. China.


Our Manufacturing Facilities

Based in CRANN, a world-class nanotechnology institute, our fabrication facility includes a CLASS-100 Clean-room and the Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (AML) which houses a critical mass of high end scanning and imaging electron and ion beam microscopes for sample imaging down to atomic resolution, materials analytics/characterisation and nanofabrication.

Adama Innovations operates this technology on wafer-scale, producing hundreds of precisely controlled AFM probe tips consecutively that are subject to a rigorous quality control procedure to insure that the product adheres to the high standards that reflect the ethos of the company and our ambition to meet the demands of our customers.

Utilising the latest in advanced manufacturing capability, our innovative and unique technology is a simple and efficient method to create bespoke micro- and nanoscale shapes and profiles in diamond and other hard carbon based materials. The repeatability and accuracy of the technique allows for precision engineering in desired locations.


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